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2 Pack HEPA Filter for Electrolux and AEG Vacuum Cleaners (compares to EF75B, F120 (9001966051), AEF75B). Genuine Green Label Product

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EAN: 4665299020496
Part Number: GL-F-ELE-EF75B-2

This is a Green Label washable cartridge filter for Electrolux and AEG vacuum cleaners. It compares to the Electrolux OEM # EF75B (9001959494/9001966051), AEG OEM # AEF75B, Menalux OEM # F120 (9001966051) and fits the models: AEG Accelerator AAC6705-6758, AAC6805-6858, Ergoeasy ATF7610-7660, Minion ATI7600-7699, Vampyrette 2.0 AS203; ELECTROLUX Accelerator ZAC6705-6790, ZAC6805-6858, Cycloniclite Z7108-7120, Energica ZS203-205, ZS210В, ZS220В, ZS230В, Ergobox XXL TT11, 12, 14, ZE2400-2410, Ergoeasy ZTF7610-7660, ZTI7610-7671, ErgoSpace: XXL Box1 B/C/W, 2, 3, XXL Box16, XXL Box1F, 4F, ZE2400, ZE2410, Progress PC7100-7199; TORNADO Accelerator TO6720-6726, Eolys TO7630, TO7635; VOLTA U4501, U7605; ALFATEC A7185. Package contains: 2 x cartridge filters.

Genuine Green Label Filters maximize particle retention and help to remove pollen and allergens from your household. Replacing filters regularly in your vacuum cleaner is strongly recommended as this helps to prolong the product's life and ensures consistently strong suction performance. Your product will be picked packed and dispatched by Amazon's own staff. You can be sure of a fast delivery and an excellent level of service. Make sure you buy only genuine Green Label filter products in genuine Green Label packaging.

All vacuum brand and model names are registered trademarks of vacuum manufacturers. This product is designed and manufactured by Green Label. This is not a Electrolux/AEG/Tornado/Volta/Alfatec OEM product and is not covered under any Electrolux/AEG/Tornado/Volta/Alfatec manufacturer's warranty. The Electrolux/AEG/Tornado/Volta/Alfatec brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Electrolux/AEG/Tornado/Volta/Alfatec brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.