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2 Pack Dual Motor Protection Filter for Dirt Devil Infinity Excell, Proxima Vacuum Cleaners (compares to 5050001). Genuine Green Label Product.

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SKU: GL-F-DIR-M5050-2
ASIN: B01M16K2B3
EAN: 4665299020847
Part Number: GL-F-DIRM5050-2
This is a Green Label 2 pack of washable dual motor protection filters for Dirt Devil Infinity Excell, Proxima Vacuum Cleaners. It compares to Dirt Devil OEM # 5050001 and fits the following models: M5050, M5050-0, M5050-1, M5050-2, M5050-3, M5050-4, M5050-5, M5050-6, M5050-7, M5050-8, M5050-9, M5051, M5051-0, M5051-1, M5051-2, M5051-3, M5051-4, M5051-5, M5051-6, M5051-7, M5051-8, M5051-9, M5052, M5052-0, M5052-1, M5052-2, M5052-3, M5052-4, M5052-5, M5052-6, M5052-7, M5052-8, M5052-9, M5059, M5059-0, M5059-1, M5059-2, M5059-3, M5059-4, M5059-5, M5059-6, M5059-7, M5059-8, M5059-9. Package contains: 2 x Dual Motor Protection Filters.

The dual motor protection filter prevents coarse particles from destroying the motor. Check the dual motor protection filter every time you empty the dust container. Change the filter at least every six months.

All vacuum brand and model names are registered trademarks of vacuum manufacturers. This product is designed and manufactured by Green Label. This is not a Dirt Devil OEM product and is not covered under any Dirt Devil manufacturer's warranty. The Dirt Devil brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of the Dirt Devil brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility.