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Pet Hair Brush. Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Attachment Grooming Tool (with Universal Adapter, 32-35 mm). Genuine Green Label Product

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EAN: 4665299020823
Part Number: GL-B-WESPET-1
Green Label Universal Pet Hair Brush with the 32/35 mm adapter for vacuum cleaners.

It will help you to remove hair and dead skin directly from your dog or cat into the vacuum cleaner - before it's shed around the home!

Please make sure that your pet is not afraid of vacuum cleaners!

The Pet Hair Brush is very easy to use:
1. Switch the orange button to adjust airflow.
2. Move the brush head to groom your pet's hair in different angles.
3. Remove the green attachment to clean and wash the bristles.

The package contains: 1 x Pet Brush, 1 x Universal 32/35mm adapter.

Fits most makes and models of vacuum cleaners with 32/35 mm hose diameter and friction-fit type.
PLEASE NOTE: It does not fit Miele and clip-type vacuums like Dyson and Shark.