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Universal Mini Micro Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tool Kit (32-35 mm)

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With this Genuine Green Label Tool Kit you can clean out the most awkward places in the car using only your vacuum cleaner. Simply fit it to your existing vacuum cleaner and the nozzle can immediately become 3mm.

The Tool Kit includes a 32/35 mm adapter, a 90 cm length x 15 mm diameter extension tube, 2 brush heads and a crevice tool.

It's perfect for reaching the places no ordinary cleaner can. In the car it is ideal for cleaning out vents, glove box, around the radio, etc. At home and workshop it has 1000's of uses, it will pick up all the bits while leaving nuts and vital screws in place. Clean around computer and keyboard without the need of liquid cleaners. Recommended for cleaning sewing machine, cameras, radiators, jewelry, corners, window frames, baseboards, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: One of the adapters has an air flow control valve which cannot be fully closed (small holes). This is not a defect but intentional design. It is there for 2 reasons: 1) It was intentionally designed and manufactured this way to avoid too much suction on delicate electronics and jewelry items. 2) IT HELPS TO AVOID VACUUM CLEANER OVERHEATING WHICH MAY LEAD TO MALFUNCTION.