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Universal Deluxe Micro Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tool Kit (32-35 mm). Genuine Green Label Product

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EAN: 4665299020816
Part Number: GL-KIT-1
Genuine Green Label Universal Deluxe Micro Kit will help you to clean out the most awkward places at home and in the car using only your vacuum cleaner.

This Tool Kit includes:
1) Mini Micro Tool Kit: 1 x adapter to take fittings from 32 to 35 mm, 1 x pipe connector with adjustable suction fitting, 1 x flexible tube (approx. 90 cm length x 15 mm diameter), 1 x curved 'elbow' extension pipe, 1 x straight extension pipe, 1 x wide oval brush, 1x narrow round brush, 1 x thin (chamfered) crevice tool. It's perfect for reaching the places no ordinary vacuum can. Clean out the interior of your car (vents, glove box, around the radio, etc.), computer, keyboard, sewing machine, camera, radiators, jewelry, corners, window frames, baseboards, etc.
2) Mini Turbo Brush is designed to clean and dust cars seats, floor mats and remove any unwanted pet hair or lint;
3) The flexible 55cm long crevice tool is perfect for picking up dust and dirt and even the occasional cookie crumb stuck in tight crevices.
4) Dusting brush;
5) Upholstery brush;
6) Super absorbent microfiber cloth.

PLEASE NOTE: One of the adapters has an air flow control valve which cannot be fully closed (small holes). This is not a defect but intentional design. It is there for 2 reasons: 1) It was intentionally designed and manufactured this way to avoid too much suction on delicate electronics and jewelry items. 2) IT HELPS TO AVOID VACUUM CLEANER OVERHEATING WHICH MAY LEAD TO MALFUNCTION.